Prosthesis is a word that describes any artificial replacement of natural tissue. It consists of two departments:
1. Removable Prosthesis:
IS one of the most difficult dental specialities due to the patients’ discomfort with any new appliance that is placed and removed from the mouth. But with the aid of implants, removable prosthesis has become an easy, reliable, and quick method for replacement of lost teeth. That`s not to mention that our fully equipped dental lab and master lab technician will make sure that your facial appearance and smile will look only natural.
2. Fixed Prosthesis:
It constitutes crowns and bridges, which are made to replace a lost tooth or to protect a tooth from fracture. Due to the major advancements in the field of dental ceramics, we are able to make a crown that is totally natural in shape and color, and which you will hardly differentiate from your own teeth.